Upsell and Cross Sell on Shopify.

Recently Viewed Recommendations, Welcome Cards, and Cart Bump

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What's in the Toolbox?

Recently Viewed Recommendations

As your shoppers view all your products, having options for them to see their recently viewed items in the slide-out allows for increased reconsideration and upsell of the abandoned products. Additionally, using the current page, items in cart, and top featured product, you can populate the slide-out with additional Recommendations.

Cart Bump Upsell

As shoppers are in their cart and close to completing their orders, there is an upsell option that appears for your consumers to consider. Merchants can select two choices for upsell - it is generally recommended that these are products you'd like to sell quickly from your inventory.

If the first choice is already in your client's cart, then the second choice will be shown instead.

Welcome Card

A welcome card is shown to shoppers on the first page they visit to greet them or provide them with guidance and recommendations. It will only be shown on one visit per 24 hours for that unique visitor.

Create different messages for new and return visitors so that the content is relevant every time the welcome card is triggered.



"This app is everything they said it would be and more - it worked instantly and we started seeing an impact within days of having the app online.
I was also really excited to see they have more in development - it truly is a one stop for some of the most essential tools needed to run a successful e-commerce store. Thank you developers!"

-RFX Corp.


"Great App for upsells. Easy to work with, with the right use a great sales boost app. We had a different app before that was to hard to use. We also like the different variations you can add to your checkout card. Great Tool for everyone who wants to increase the sales easy."

-Harbert & Gruner GbR.


"Very useful app. It allows users to navigate less with the recently viewed feature, increasing conversions. Not to forget, the recommendations feature is great in our space, as a lot of users are browsing or confused on which product to buy. And the upsell feature is a nice touch…because who doesn’t like boosting the average order value. A must have app!"

-Kinkly Shop


How to install?

Install via our Shopify app listing here. Easy to deploy - out of the box implementation - one click to install, no template files or code editing required!

What does recently viewed mean?

Recently viewed products are shown in a slide out - this allows for comparisons to be made "on-the-fly" as your customers browse your products.

Do I need to setup the recommendations?

Recommendations are automatically shown in the slide out based on the current page your shopper is visiting and the products in their cart.

How does Sell More upsell?

As shoppers complete their orders, an upsell option appears for your consumers to consider additional products directly from their cart.

What is a welcome card?

A welcome card is shown to shoppers on the first page they visit to greet them or provide them with guidance and recommendations.

How often do you add tools?

We are always adding new features. Got an idea? Let us know and we can add it to our roadmap.

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